A Vacation to Die For

A Vacation to Die for
July 25th @ 5:00 pm

Wynnona Dingus & Kitty Wunkus, two good ol gals from Beaver Bottom take a vacation to see Tommy, Kitty's brother. Imagine their surprise when they find him playing banjo in a bluegrass band with old friend Bunky Wonky. It's fun & games until another old friend pops up, old grudges surface and those bluegrass tunes turn sour...then it becomes A Vacation To Die For.

Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child (ages 5-12) plus tax & gratuity.

Decked Out for Death

R. J. Corman Magic Dinner Train
August 15th @ 5:00 pm

Enjoy an evening of fine dining on a scenic tour through the hills and horse farms of Central Kentucky, while being entertained by one of the Midwest’s most sought after magical performers, John Shore.

Featuring performance at tableside and for the whole dining car, your evening will include an intimate performance that will amaze, baffle and entertain. A magical dining experience suitable for the whole family, and open to children of all ages.

Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child plus tax & gratuity.

A Vacation to Die For

Murder On The High Seas
August 29th @ 5:00 pm

Come join Captain Calico Jack and crew for a high seas adventure. Captain Jack is out to find his buried treasure with a new crew who all have their ulterior motives for casting their lots with Jack. One thing is for certain, one of the crew may be buried along with the treasure on this nautical adventure. Come on board The Sea Serpent with Bluegrass Mystery Theatre's production of Murder on the High Seas and revel in the laughter and intrigue of the pirate brigade in the latest murder mystery by Jeff Roberts.

Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child (ages 5-12) plus tax & gratuity.

A Vacation to Die For

Revenge At The Reunion
September 26th @ 5:00 pm

In high school they called themselves the Forever Five,"Five best friends forever." Or so they said. But by the end of their senior year, they were barely on speaking terms and went their separate ways without looking back. So what will happen when the Forever Five reunite at this year's class reunion? Will they let bygones be bygones? Will they call all those old misunderstandings water under the bridge and chalk it up to youth? Maybe, but you better stay on your toes at this class reunion, because someone may decide that to forgive and forget is for the birds and go instead, for REVENGE!!

Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child (ages 5-12) plus tax & gratuity.

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