Murder Memphis Style
August 30th @ 5:00 pm

August is the anniversery of Elvis's death and you are invited to the observance! In the audience are several Elvis impersonators, a Priscilla lookalike and a big Elvis Costello fan but before the party can get underway there is murder, mystery and mayhem. Put on your Blue Suede Shoes and have a Hunka Hunka Burning good time.
Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child (ages 5-12) plus tax & gratuity.

Ladies' Night Out

Comedy Night
September 13th @ 5:00 pm

See Shawn Reynolds, Joe Deuce and Allan Ivie do stand-up comedy while enjoying a scenic ride and a fabulous meal. Tickets are $109.95 plus tax and include the show, meal, non-alcoholic beverages and train ride.

Ladies' Night Out

Decked Out For Death
September 27th @ 5:00 pm

Is it time for a wild swinging singles cruise or a cruise for some good family fun in the sun? Only the captain knows for sure! Between the chaos and confusion, all anyone knows for certain is there is shuffleboard, bingo and while that sounds great to some others would like to trade in their bingo card for some speed dating. What is certain is that there will be murder, mayhem and lots of laughs.
Tickets are $109.95 per adult and $69.95 per child (ages 5-12) plus tax & gratuity.

Gift Certificates

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect present for that somebody who has everything? Consider getting them a gift certificate for a one of a kind experience aboard My Old Kentucky Dinner Train! Enjoy a 2 hour excursion through Kentucky's Bernheim Forest. Certificates can be created for any dollar amount.
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